EEB Seminar Oct 15th

Chris Boccia Queen’s University ​will speak on Testing for convergent evolution in semi-aquatic Anolis lizards Oct. 15th at 12:30 – 1:30pm ET Anolis lizards are a textbook example of convergent evolution. Independent anole lineages on each of the Greater Antillean islands have converged on the same six ‘ecomorphs’, categories encompassing morphology, ecology, performance, and behaviour.  However, the majorityContinue reading “EEB Seminar Oct 15th”

EEB Seminar: Oct 8th

EEB SEMINAR: Making sound decisions: Singing mice as integrative models for adaptive display Presented by: Dr. Steve Phelps from the University of Texas October 8th 12:30-1:30pm ET By their very nature, animal displays are among the most conspicuous of all behaviors. They are designed to be noticed, but not without cost. The trade-offs between costsContinue reading “EEB Seminar: Oct 8th”

EEB Seminar: Oct 1st

Dr. Olivier Cotto Models of adaptation to climate change with complex life histories October 1st Climate warming has been the epitome of rapid global environmental changes induced by anthropogenic activities. The need to predict species responses to these challenges has been a strong motivation to develop the theory of adaptation to rapid and ongoing environmentalContinue reading “EEB Seminar: Oct 1st”

EEB Seminar: Sept 24th

EEB PRESENTS: Leslie Holmes Direct and indirect effects of host food quality on host life history, host susceptibility to parasitism, and parasitoid life history Thursday September 24th from 12:30-1:30 pm Ecological communities are complex, comprising species and environmental factors that are so entangled in their effects on one another that ecologists and evolutionary biologists willContinue reading “EEB Seminar: Sept 24th”

EEB Seminar: Sept 17th

Queen’s University EEB SEMINAR SERIES ​invites you to: How to make Ecology Less White: Responding to the #BlackInTheIvory and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. Thursday, Sept 17 12:30 – 1:30pm ET A panel of ecologists will share their experiences in ecology and conservation as underrepresented visible minorities. They will speak about barriersContinue reading “EEB Seminar: Sept 17th”

EEB Seminar: Sept 10th

This week, we welcome Theresa Jones. Zoom Information: Sociality across multiple foraging contexts in a colonial seabird Abstract: Animals in groups experience both costs and benefits from social associations. Colonial species such as seabirds, live in a particularly complex social environment presenting significant opportunity for intraspecific social interactions. Access to social information, particularly inContinue reading “EEB Seminar: Sept 10th”

EEB Seminar: April 9th

This week, we welcome our own Richie Honor. Meeting ID: 443 447 750 Allelopathy, Evolution and Plasticity in Garlic Mustard Abstract: Invasive plants offer excellent opportunities to study evolutionary processes because they are released from selective pressures in the native range and experience novel selective pressures in the invasive range. In order for aContinue reading “EEB Seminar: April 9th”