EEB Seminar: Sept 10th

This week, we welcome Theresa Jones. Zoom Information: Sociality across multiple foraging contexts in a colonial seabird Abstract: Animals in groups experience both costs and benefits from social associations. Colonial species such as seabirds, live in a particularly complex social environment presenting significant opportunity for intraspecific social interactions. Access to social information, particularly inContinue reading “EEB Seminar: Sept 10th”

EEB Seminar: April 9th

This week, we welcome our own Richie Honor. Meeting ID: 443 447 750 Allelopathy, Evolution and Plasticity in Garlic Mustard Abstract: Invasive plants offer excellent opportunities to study evolutionary processes because they are released from selective pressures in the native range and experience novel selective pressures in the invasive range. In order for aContinue reading “EEB Seminar: April 9th”

EEB Seminar: March 12th

This week, we welcome Lesley Campbell. Gene Flow and its Role in Evolution: Applied Evolutionary Ecology of Weed(s) Abstract: The Campbell Lab studies how genetic diversity influences population demography? To advance this goal, we study plant populations and their genetic systems – i.e., the reproductive machinery and processes that influence gamete quality and quantity, gameteContinue reading “EEB Seminar: March 12th”

EEB Seminar: March 5th

This week. we welcome Aaron Shafer. Can we use Genomes to help conserve biodiversity? Abstract: In this seminar I will discuss the transition from genetic to genomic data sets and the challenges that has posed for conservation initiatives. I will then spotlight two case studies highlighting how genomic data and analyses can inform wildlife conservation and management, and more broadly provideContinue reading “EEB Seminar: March 5th”

EEB Seminar: Feb 13th

This week, we welcome our own Bob Montgomerie. True Facts about Scientific Misconduct Abstract: The recent kerfuffle about data fabrication by Jonathon Pruitt (Canada 150 Research Chair at McMaster University) has lit up Twitter with all kinds of nonsense and misconceptions about scientific misconduct. In this session, I will present ten things I have learnedContinue reading “EEB Seminar: Feb 13th”

EEB Seminar: February 6th

This week, we welcome Calder Schweitzer. Boots on the Ground: Direct-Action Conservation Through Land Trusts Abstract: For students in the field of ecology, it seems like our work is relegated to highly-competitive government positions, the wide world of academia, or a career in government lobbying with little to no field work involved. For those whoContinue reading “EEB Seminar: February 6th”

EEB-SES Seminar: Jan 30th

This week, we welcome Elizabeth Gow. Tracking birds and their predators throughout the annual cycle to understand population declines Abstract: Tracking birds throughout the year, using miniaturized tracking devices, provides one way in which to identify regions and time periods within the annual cycle that could be responsible for population declines. I used range-wide continental-scaleContinue reading “EEB-SES Seminar: Jan 30th”