EEB seminar: Dr. Kate Laskowski “You are unique, just like everyone else: What clonal fish can tell us about behavioral individuality” January 28th 12:30 – 1:30 pm ET Individual behavioral variation is ubiquitous across the animal kingdom. Explaining the continued generation and maintenance of such variation is a fundamental goal in behavioral and evolutionary ecology. OurContinue reading

EEB seminar: Dr. Manas Samant Investigating the interaction between inter-locus and intra-locus sexual conflict using hemiclonal analysis in Drosophila melanogaster January 21st 12:30 – 1:30 pm ET Divergence in the evolutionary interests of males and females leads to sexual conflict. Traditionally, sexual conflict has been classified into two types: inter-locus sexual conflict (IeSC) and intra-locus sexual conflictContinue reading

EEB SEMINAR Dr. Blake Jones Bennington CollegeUnderstanding complex sociality: Field-based and meta-analytic approaches Jan 14th 12:30 – 1:30 pm ET Welcome back! We kick off the Winter EEB Seminar Series next week with Dr. Blake Jonesfrom Bennington College, hosted by the Bonier lab. Dr. Jones studies the underlying mechanisms of development, sociality, learning, and memory in free-living animals.Continue reading

EEB Seminar Dec 10

Ecology and evolution of mate choice in wild plant populations Presented by Dr. Catherine Rushworth hosted by Friedman Lab Dec 10th 12:30 – 1:30 pm ET (email for Zoom link) The choice of “who to mate with” has profound consequences for organisms and populations alike, determining not only phenotypes and trait expression within an individual,Continue reading “EEB Seminar Dec 10”

EEB Seminar Nov 19th

Deciphering mechanisms of transcription regulation and their role in the biological embedding of experience Presented by: Dr Maria Aristizabal November 19th at 12:30pm EST Transcription is essential for life and in eukaryotes it is performed by one of several RNA polymerases (RNAP). Of these, RNAPII is responsible for the synthesis of all mRNAs and manyContinue reading “EEB Seminar Nov 19th”

QUBS Webinar and EEB Seminar

What does the Earth ask of us? Dr Robin Wall Kimmerer November 12th 12:30pm EST Abstract: We are showered every day with the gifts of the Earth and yet we are tied to institutions which relentlessly ask what more can we take? Drawing upon both scientific and indigenous knowledges, this talk explores the covenant ofContinue reading “QUBS Webinar and EEB Seminar”

EEB Seminar Nov 5th

Ecological contexts of balancing selection in nature Presented by: Dr Lauren Carley November 5th at 12:30pm EST How genetic variation is maintained in the face of persistent natural selection is a central question in evolutionary biology. Neutral models of mutation-selection balance are possible, but do not explain intermediate-frequency polymorphisms that have been observed in manyContinue reading “EEB Seminar Nov 5th”

EEB Seminar Oct 29th

EEB Seminar: A broad-scale test of dispersal constraints on the northern range limit of a Pacific coastal dune plant Presented by: Mike Dungey from Queen’s University October 29th from 12:30pm – 1:30pm EST Species are expected to occur where environments allow populations to achieve self-replacement and be limited where biotic and abiotic conditions shift outsideContinue reading “EEB Seminar Oct 29th”

EEB Seminar Oct 22nd

EEB PRESENTS: Population genomic structure and hybridization of Glaucous Gull (Larus hyperboreus) in the Canadian Arctic Presented by: Emma Lachance Linklater October 22nd at 12:30pm – 1:30pm EST Climate change poses a significant threat to the future of Arctic ecosystems. To effectively conserve Arctic species, genetically differentiated populations must be defined for genetic variation toContinue reading “EEB Seminar Oct 22nd”