EEB Seminar – 3 December

This week, EEB presents Dr. Mick Smith of the Queen’s Departments of Philosophy and Environmental Studies. Dr. Smith will present: Beatrix Potter and Ecological Community What if our understandings of ecological community are not, and never have been just a matter of biology? What might it mean to think of ecological community as a term,Continue reading “EEB Seminar – 3 December”

EEB Seminar – 26 November

This week EEB welcomes Queen’s Alumna (BSc, MSc) and current Queen’s Post-Doc, Dr. Sarah Yakimowski, who will present: Ecology and evolutionary genetics of gender polymorphisms Plants exhibit a variety of reproductive strategies, providing exciting opportunities to study the evolution of gender. The clonal aquatic plant Sagittaria latifolia is widespread in wetlands of North America, whereContinue reading “EEB Seminar – 26 November”

EEB Seminar – 19 Nov

This week, EEB welcomes Dr. Elyn Humphreys from Carleton to Kingston. Dr. Humphreys will present: Arctic shrub impacts on climate feedbacks There is evidence that deciduous shrub dominance is increasing in areas throughout the circumpolar Arctic. Changes in shrub cover, height and abundance will impact the energy and carbon exchange between the tundra surface andContinue reading “EEB Seminar – 19 Nov”

EEB Seminar – Nov 12

This week EEB welcomes Dr. Graham Whitelaw from Queen’s Department of Geography and Planning and the Department of Environmental Studies. Dr. Whitelaw will present: Growing the Greenbelt in southern Ontario: Go big or go home! The past 40 years of land use planning in southern Ontario involved various innovations to natural heritage protection concepts andContinue reading “EEB Seminar – Nov 12”

EEB Seminar – 5 Nov

This week, EEB & the Bonier lab host Dr. Andrew McAdam (Guelph), who will talk about: Maternal effect evolution in wild rodents We all have a mother, and mothers often provide much of the early environment to developing offspring.  The importance of mothers is widely appreciated and officially celebrated on the second Sunday in May,Continue reading “EEB Seminar – 5 Nov”

EEB Seminar – Oct 29

This week, EEB features Dr. Stuart Campbell (Toronto), who will present: Coevolution of plant reproduction and defence The shift from obligate outcrossing to self-fertilization represents one of the most frequent evolutionary transitions in flowering plants. This transition alters many important evolutionary and genetic processes, including loss of genetic diversity, the genome-wide strength of natural selectionContinue reading “EEB Seminar – Oct 29”

EEB Seminar – October 22

This week, EEB welcomes Dr. Ian Dworkin (McMaster) to Queen’s. Dr. Dworkin will speak on: Genes, genomes and natural selection: how they shape complex traits In evolutionary genetics, one central aim is to be able to predict aspects of trait evolution. At the very least this requires  an understanding of both how natural selection isContinue reading “EEB Seminar – October 22”

EEB Seminar – 15 October

This week EEB will host Queen’s own Dr. John Smol who will present: Advice to Young Scientists: Some Personal Perspectives on Thriving in a Complex World Science continues to play an increasingly important role in peoples’ lives. Furthermore, to be a scientist is an opportunity to lead an exciting, influential and fulfilling life. However, justContinue reading “EEB Seminar – 15 October”

EEB Seminar – October 8

On Thursday 8 October, Queen’s Biology’s very own Dr. Vicki Friesen will present: Can We Predict Appropriate Population Units for Successful Conservation? Identification of genetically differentiated populations is critical for successful conservation. If local populations differ genetically, then loss of a population may deplete some of the species’ genetic resources, including local adaptations. Genetically differentiatedContinue reading “EEB Seminar – October 8”

EEB Seminar – October 1

On Thursday 1 October, the EEB Seminar Series welcomes Manisha Bhardwaj (back) to Queen’s. Manisha will be presenting: How did the bat cross the road? Currently, there are more than 64 million kilometres of road on Earth. Understanding the impact of roads, and successfully mitigating these impacts is essential to conserve wildlife populations. Manisha BhardwajContinue reading “EEB Seminar – October 1”