EEB Seminar: December 5th 2013

Nikolaus Gantner will talk on CSI Husky Lakes: Fractionation of mercury isotopes in water, sediments, and fish from the Husky Lakes, Northwest Territories, Canada at 12:30 in the EEB lounge (BioSciences 4338) Mercury can accumulate in apex-predator fish muscle to concentrations exceeding those considered safe for subsistence consumption by humans. Fish species such as Lake troutContinue reading “EEB Seminar: December 5th 2013”

EEB Seminar: November 28th 2013

Yessica Rico will give a talk entitled Does traditional management by rotational shepherding supports landscape connectivity in fragmented calcareous grassland plants? at 12:30 in the EEB Lounge Understanding the mechanisms and patterns of dispersal and gene flow in human-modified landscapes is crucial for effective conservation. In plants, seed dispersal is fundamental for recolonization and recruitment,Continue reading “EEB Seminar: November 28th 2013”

EEB Seminar: November 21st 2013

James Sinclair will speak on ‘Ecological surprises’ in a bottom-up/top-down stressor interaction at 12:30 in the EEB lounge (BioSciences, 4th floor) Interactions between multiple anthropogenic stressors can have unexpected synergistic or antagonistic effects, making it difficult to predict their combined effect using single stressor studies. The bottom-up/top-down interaction between invasive consumers and nutrient enrichment isContinue reading “EEB Seminar: November 21st 2013”

Departmental Seminar: November 15th 2013

Dr. Aheb Abouheif will speak on The Evo Devo of Cooperation and Conflict in Ant Societies at 10:30 AM in BioSciences Room 3110 This week, Dr. Ehab Abouheif visits from McGill University where he is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Evo Devo). Dr. Abouheif’s research mission has been to understandContinue reading “Departmental Seminar: November 15th 2013”

EEB Seminar: November 14th 2013

Ehab Abouheif will talk on What have Evo Devo and supersoldier ants taught us about how evolution works? at 12:30 in Medical School Atrium room 132  [note venue as we needed space for the BIOL-440 class as well] Abouheif is Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Evolutionary Developmental Biology at McGill where he studies theContinue reading “EEB Seminar: November 14th 2013”

EEB Seminar: November 7th 2013

Paul Martin will talk on The Paradox of the Birds-of-Paradise: persistent hybridization as a signature of historical reinforcement 12:30 in the EEB Lounge Paul is an Associate Professor in the Dept of Biology at Queen’s. Birds of Paradise are way cool. And Paul’s going to tell us why. These birds are native to Australia andContinue reading “EEB Seminar: November 7th 2013”