Winter 2012

12 Jan
19 Jan
Shelley Arnott Queen’s Response to environmental change: impact and adaptation in aquatic communities.
26 Jan
EEB Grad Students I Queen’s Paul Martin Vanya Rohwer: Chemical nest defence in birds. Kat Stewart: Diagnosing reinforcement in the spring peeper. Jamie Morris-Pocock: Conservation of Christmas Island seabirds.
2 Feb
Clay Cressler Queen’s Bill Nelson Feed a fever, starve a cold? Energetics, immunity, and host-parasite interactions.
9 Feb
Daniel Ruzzante Dalhousie Steve Lougheed Climate and life history influence on ancestral population dynamics of Patagonian fishes.
16 Feb
Ben Bolker McMaster Bill Nelson Transient virulence of host-pathogen systems: models and speculations
23 Feb
1 Mar
Chris Solomon McGill Shelley Arnott Global browning: effects of increased terrestrial organic matter loads on food webs and carbon cycles in lake ecosystems
9 Mar*
Bill Montevecchi Memorial Vicki Friesen Tracking Atlantic seabirds: prey, habitat and population
15 Mar
Jason Weir Toronto Paul Martin Latitudinal fiversity gradients: The role of speciation, extinction and biogeographic interchange
16 Mar
Lynn Miller Concordia Vicki Friesen Is the Northern Gannet a sentinel species for the impacts of Deepwater Horizon?
22 Mar
EEB Grad Students I Queen’s Paul Martin Andy Wong, (Eckert lab): The conundrum of mating-system trait variation maintenance in natural populations of Aquilegia canadensis. Casper Tai Christiansen, (Grogan lab): Seasonality in Arctic biogeochemical dynamics.
29 Mar
Irby Lovette Cornell Vicki Friesen Historical perspectives on the evolution of warbler diversity, behavior, and ecology.
5 Apr
Adam Chippindale Queen’s Paul Martin Twisted tales of sperm tails.
12 Apr
Stephen Wright Toronto Chris Eckert How much selection is acting on plant genomes?
19 Apr
Gregor Fussmann McGill Bill Nelson Understanding the dynamics of aquatic ecosystems – how to solve nature’s equation with a thousand unknowns.
26 Apr
Celia Symons Queen’s Shelley Arnott The invasibility of zooplankton communities post-disturbance.


Fall 2011

15 Sep
Fran Bonier
Bob Montgomerie
City bird, country bird: mechanisms of response to urbanization
22 Sep
No seminar
29 Sep
Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev
Discovery in biology.
6 Oct
Bill Nelson
Chris Eckert
Large generation cycles in the tortrix tea pest: can it be so simple?
13 Oct
Thierry Gosselin
Fisheries Science & Aquaculture Branch, Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Bob Montgomerie
Mating outcomes in snow crabs.
20 Oct
Paul Martin
Steve Lougheed
Accelerated rates of evolution in high latitude birds.
27 Oct
Cameron Ghalambor
Colorado State
Paul Martin
What comparative experiments reveal about ecological and evolutionary trade-offs: lessons from birds and fish.
3 Nov
No seminar
10 Nov
Ben Gilbert
University of Toronto
Shelley Arnott
Maintaining species diversity: Untangling the roles of environment, space and competition
17 Nov
Chris Funk
Colorado State
Steve Lougheed
Predicting the effects of climate change on biodiversity: different approaches for different scales.
24 Nov
1 Dec
Chris Guglielmo
Univ. Western Ont.
Samantha Klaus
Fuel metabolism and water balance in migratory birds and bats.
8 December
Marc Cadotte
Univ. Toronto. Scarborough.
Bill Nelson
Evolutionary influences on ecosystem function.
15 Dec
Patrick Turko
Shelley Arnott
Ecological differentiation within a hybridizing cryptic species complex

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