EEB Seminar: Feb 13th

This week, we welcome our own Bob Montgomerie.

True Facts about Scientific Misconduct

Abstract: The recent kerfuffle about data fabrication by Jonathon Pruitt (Canada 150 Research Chair at McMaster University) has lit up Twitter with all kinds of nonsense and misconceptions about scientific misconduct. In this session, I will present ten things I have learned about scientific misconduct over the past 30 years—studying the phenomenon, not practicing it! I intend this to be more of a discussion than a formal seminar as I think there is lots to talk about here. So far 17 of Pruitt’s papers are on the rocky road to retraction, making this one of the most prominent case of scientific misconduct in the history of EEB. Actual misconduct, though is not quite as rare as it appears and I think scientists in general would benefit from appreciating what can, should and cannot be done about that. While I do not intend this to be a formal seminar, I will bring stacks of material that I have used in seminars and workshops about this topic in the past decade or so.