EEB Seminar: February 6th

This week, we welcome Calder Schweitzer.

Boots on the Ground: Direct-Action Conservation Through Land Trusts

Abstract: For students in the field of ecology, it seems like our work is relegated to highly-competitive government positions, the wide world of academia, or a career in government lobbying with little to no field work involved. For those who aren’t particularly excited by any of those prospects, there’s another type of organization that combines science, conservation, and public outreach, all in a way that is hands-on and direct-action. Land Trusts are little-known charitable organizations devoted to conserving ecologically sensitive land in a given area. As the Executive Director of the Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust, my day-to-day can include a morning of species ID in the field, an afternoon of negotiating the terms of a conservation agreement, and an evening with acoustic monitoring equipment, guiding the public on a tour of Ontario’s bat species. Our model is simple: we purchase or are donated land and pledge to conserve it forever. This seminar will go into the specifics of land trust operations, the government programs that make our work possible, our process of conservation, and the little-known world of direct-action charity.

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