EEB Seminar: Nov 7th

This week, we welcome Gemma Clucas.

Marine conservation genomics: exploring the past, present, and future of oceanic ecosystems

Many marine ecosystems have been dramatically changed due to anthropogenic influences, yet, monitoring these changes can often be challenging due to the inaccessible nature of the marine environment. Genomics can offer us unprecedented insights into aspects of these ecosystems, allowing us to design management strategies to increase sustainability and conserve marine species. In this talk, I will use examples from my own research into seabird and fish populations to highlight some of these techniques. I will show how we can use genomics to illuminate species’ responses to past climate change and therefore offer us a window into how they may respond to future climate change. I will demonstrate the use of genomics in informing the management of exploited fish stocks to maintain the resilience of dwindling populations and I will talk about how I am using seabirds and genomics to gain a glimpse into the future, increasing our ability to set appropriate catch limits for important forage fish stocks in advance of current monitoring methods.

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