EEB Seminar: February 14th

This week we welcome the Friesen lab for an open discussion.

For the love of the planet

The International Panel on Climate Change tells us we have less than 12 years to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 45% below 2010 levels to avoid “climate catastrophe”. We are making some baby-steps in this direction, but change is slow. What can we, as time-crunched biologists, do to help generate this magnitude of change, in so little time? The global community has been able to mitigate environmental crises in the past – how did we do it? What makes a successful social revolution? Who are the main generators of greenhouse gases: individuals or industry? And how do we motivate them to change? The Friesen lab will guide a general discussion, with insights from various professionals from academia, government, and nonprofit organizations, with the goal of generating concrete ideas.

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