EEB Seminar: September 20th

This week we welcome our own Bob Montgomerie.

The enduring enchantment of birds’ eggs

IMG_murre eggs5553

Birds’ eggs are some of the most variable and beautiful natural objects, but only recently has there been any attempt to explain that variation. In this talk I will summarize the history of egg collecting and explore some recent research on variation in the shape and colour of avian eggs, including our own experimental and comparative studies of robins, alcids and penguins.

One thought on “EEB Seminar: September 20th

  1. Hi EEB seminars,
    In the pre-EEB slides there is a request for interesting or humorous material. I offer the attached photo of Bob Montgomerie in the arctic on a big wheel ATV with his lab group about 30 years ago. Perhaps you could post this with the question “Can you name this man?” (arrow pointing to the bearded one on the left) or “do you recognize anyone here?”. It might provide a fun intro to Bob’s talk next week.


    Adam Chippindale
    Department of Biology
    Queen’s University
    Kingston, Canada, K7L 3N6
    ph: 613 533 6139

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