EEB Seminar: December 7

This week the department is pleased to welcome Risa Sargent from the University of Ottawa.

Alien species introductions – a community perspective

Risa 2017

What are the major impacts of an alien introduction on other species in the community? We know that that aliens compete with, but may also often facilitate, the reproductive success of native plant species. Moreover, alien plant traits are under selection by, and can evolve in response to insect herbivory. The work in my lab demonstrates that the community level impacts of interactions with aliens are complex, and that deep held assumptions may be hindering our ability to identify general patterns.

The EEB Seminars run weekly, on Thursdays, in the EEB Lounge of the BioSciences Complex, Room 4338, from 12:30-1:30pm. This week there will be a pizza lunch to follow in the EEB Lounge.

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