EEB Seminar- October 19th

This week the department is pleased to welcome Gustavo Betini from the University of Guelph.

Eco-evolutionary dynamics in seasonal environments


Gustavo Betini is broadly trained in evolutionary ecology. He has done theory and experimental work on the consequences of seasonality, on migration and fear (yes fear!) using Drosophila, on songbird behavior in the field, and (currently) on consumer-resource interactions using Daphnia. He has chosen to talk about his Drosophila work, simulating distinct breeding and non-breeding seasons to examine the ecological consequences of seasonality and on interplay between fluctuations in density and life history trade-offs (i.e. eco-evolutionary dynamics).

The EEB Seminars run weekly, on Thursdays, in the EEB Lounge of the BioSciences Complex, Room 4338, from 12:30-1:30pm. This week there will be a pizza lunch to follow in the EEB Lounge.

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