EEB Seminar – 30 March

This week EEB welcomes Dr. Kate Neville from the Department of Political Science and School of the Environment, University of Toronto, and Dr. Emily Darling from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto:


What do seed pods have to do with coral reefs, climate refuges, biofuels, and anti-fracking protests? Thanks to the greenhouse at Queen’s, they launched the ecological training of Dr. Emily Darling and Dr. Kate Neville, whose work now spans global hemispheres and academic disciplines. Dr. Darling’s work focuses on coral reef resilience and evaluating tipping points of coral assemblages to climate disturbances, with emerging work on climate refuges. Along with her own research on life histories, multiple stressors, and community disassembly in tropical coral reef systems, she also engages in “big data” analyses, drawing together global datasets on coral bleaching and survival, with attention to socio-ecological concerns and participatory community research. With a focus on biofuels and hydraulic fracturing, Dr. Neville studies the intersection of global commodity markets with local communities and ecosystems, and the campaigns of resistance that emerge around them. Her work brings together strategies of activism, patterns of finance, and competing claims over land and resources, revealing the often negative consequences of new energy “solutions” for local people and places. This seminar takes an unorthodox approach to thinking about ecology, challenging ecologists to think further about science-policy communication and the intersecting questions of natural and social science scholars.

The EEB Seminars run weekly, on Thursdays, in the EEB Lounge of the BioSciences Complex, Room 4338, from 12:30-1:30pm. Light refreshments are served starting at 12:15.

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