EEB Seminar – 19 Nov

This week, EEB welcomes Dr. Elyn Humphreys from Carleton to Kingston. Dr. Humphreys will present:

Arctic shrub impacts on climate feedbacks


There is evidence that deciduous shrub dominance is increasing in areas throughout the circumpolar Arctic. Changes in shrub cover, height and abundance will impact the energy and carbon exchange between the tundra surface and the atmosphere.  As a result, this form of surface ‘greening’ may have feedback effects on regional and global climate systems.  Over the past 6 years, we have measured carbon dioxide and latent and sensible heat fluxes at three closely located tundra sites representing a gradient in shrub cover in Canada’s Low Arctic. This talk will explore the results from this study, which highlight the complexity involved in predicting the net climate feedback effect of Arctic vegetation change. 

Elyn Humphreys is an Associate Professor at Carleton University in the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies.  She received her graduate degrees from the University of British Columbia studying the microclimatology and carbon cycle of Vancouver Island’s Douglas fir forests.  After her PhD she turned her attention to the energy and carbon budgets of wetlands and tundra ecosystems throughout Canada.

Host: Grogan


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