EEB Seminar – October 22

This week, EEB welcomes Dr. Ian Dworkin (McMaster) to Queen’s. Dr. Dworkin will speak on:

Genes, genomes and natural selection: how they shape complex traits

In evolutionary genetics, one central aim is to be able to predict aspects of trait evolution. At the very least this requires ¬†an understanding of both how natural selection is acting on a trait, and the genetic architecture of that trait. This gets considerably more complicated when the trait in question is highly multidimensional. In this talk I will discuss our ongoing work to understand why the Drosophila wing is “wing shaped” from both a genetic and evolutionary perspective. Using a 58 dimensional representation of wing shape, I will summarize some of our work identifying the genetic variants that contribute to variation for this trait in natural populations. I will then discuss how natural selection can alter wing shape due to predation, and the potential role of correlated behavioural traits in response to the predators.