EEB Seminar – October 1

On Thursday 1 October, the EEB Seminar Series welcomes Manisha Bhardwaj (back) to Queen’s. Manisha will be presenting:

How did the bat cross the road?

Currently, there are more than 64 million kilometres of road on Earth. Understanding the impact of roads, and successfully mitigating these impacts is essential to conserve wildlife populations. Manisha Bhardwaj (HBSc Queen’s 2013) is currently a PhD student at the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology (ARCUE) at the University of Melbourne, studying the barrier effects of roads on insectivorous bats.  She will present the results of ongoing work looking at road effect zones, the use of highway crossing structures by bats, and the possible influence of lighting on the barrier effect.


As a 537 student, Manisha examined how aggressive nest defense by Western Bluebirds (Sialia mexicana) varies with anthropogenic disturbance. Her goals to connect research with urban planning policy and management attracted her to the program at ARCUE.

HOST – Laurene Ratcliffe

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