EEB Seminar – September 24

On Thursday 24 September, Queen’s Biology’s very own Drs. Chris Eckert and Bob Montgomerie will present:

Getting your act together in the era of reproducible research

The ways that scientists collect, manage, analyze and publish data have evolved over the past 400 years from using notebooks to spreadsheets to the internet. We are right now on the cusp of a revolution in data handling with tools that allow open access, data repositories, and reproducibility in ways that could not even have been imagined a decade ago. In this session we will present a bit of this history, followed by what we think is the (inevitable) way forward, using tools developed and readily available only in the last year or two. We believe that all scientists will need to use these tools in the very near future and the benefits will be reaped by society, our disciplines and ourselves. These are not (likely) the methods that your supervisor used or uses, so we have designed this session to introduce you to these new methods. We will make a short presentation but we are hoping to spawn some free-wheeling discussion about the pros and cons of these methods and how best to fit them into your workflow as a scientist.

image(1) image image(2)

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