EEB seminar: March 19th


This Thursday, Dr. Brad Fedy will be giving a talk titled:

Integrating habitat selection, landscape genetics, and population demography in wildlife populations across large extents

at 12:30 in the EEB lounge (BioSciences 4338)

The seminar is hosted by the Lougheed Lab


Understanding species ecology at large spatial extents is critical to inform broad-scale wildlife management strategies. Habitat selection, demography, and population and landscape genetics are fundamental disciplines that can provide important insights into species ecology. Dr. Fedy conducts wildlife research that draws on these disciplines to help inform management decisions and address questions in basic ecology. He will present an overview of his past 6 years of research in the U.S. intermountain west on species of conservation concern; greater sage-grouse and golden eagles. Greater sage-grouse are currently listed as “warranted but precluded” from listing under the U.S. Endangered Species Act and a SARA listed species in Canada. They are a year-round resident grouse species dependent on sagebrush steppe habitats. Golden Eagles are large migratory raptors with diverse habitat associations throughout their western range. Despite dramatically different life histories, these two species have emerged as the foci of the wildlife challenges associated with the “wild-west” and continued expansion of energy development and the on-going quest for energy self-sufficiency. Dr. Fedy will present his research on assessing occupancy, habitat selection, population trends and landscape genetics for these species.


Dr. Fedy is an Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo. His lab website can be found here.

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