EEB seminar: March 12th


This Thursday, Dr. Stefanie Hixson will be giving a talk titled:

The role of nutrition in growing sustainable and nutritious farmed seafood

at 12:30 in the EEB lounge (BioSciences 4338)

The seminar is hosted by the Arnott Lab

yack photo

Global aquaculture production has increased in recent years and it is predicted that aquaculture will provide the most reliable supply of seafood in the future. However, there are many controversial issues in aquaculture regarding food safety, nutrition, pollution, and sustainability; many of which are directly related to the nutrition and feeds for farmed fish. Some controversial issues in aquaculture that relate to nutrition are: feed and nutrient efficiency, overfeeding and waste, diet composition, fish health, contaminants, biotechnology, and human health concerns. Lipids are a particularly important component in each of these issues because they are a primary source of energy and essential fatty acids for fish, and therefore play an important role in the nutrition and health of both fish and the consumers of fish. This presentation will provide an update on the progression and evolution of this field in order to meet the needs of a growing human population, and using nutrition as a tool to balance production and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Stefanie Hixson is a postdoctoral fellow at Ryerson University, in Dr. Michael Arts’ lab. Her research pertains to marine and freshwater biology and lipid biochemistry. Her studies as a graduate student (PhD- Memorial University of NL; MSc- Dalhousie University) focused on environmentally sustainable feeds in aquaculture. Stefanie’s research focuses on how we use our aquatic resources (i.e., essential fatty acids) effectively and sustainably in the future.

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