EEB Seminar: October 16th

This upcoming Thursday, our very own Dr. Virginia Walker will talk on

There may be more to nanoparticles than meets the eye

at 12:30 in the EEB lounge (BioSciences 4338)

There is no doubt that engineered nanoparticles (NPs) found in a variety of consumer goods are technologically valuable. However, we need to understand their potential toxicity so that the costs and benefits of their near-ubiquitous applications can be evaluated. The chance discovery that Julie’s mum had purchased one of those NP-discharging clothes washers has given me wanderlust. I have journeyed to Paul’s arctic site for soil samples, visited the med school’s “mouse house”, paid several visits to Emma’s ‘roboguts’ in Guelph, and dusted off my own fruit fly bench. I have even inveigled Pranab, Niraj and Laura to join me in this obsession. Although the quest will continue, for now, our molecular and physiological evidence suggests that there may be more to NPs than meets the eye, and that perhaps we should exercise some caution before using them ‘frivolously’.


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