EEB Seminar: September 25th

Dr. Nalini Puniamoorthy will talk on
Sexual selection, sperm competition and incipient speciation in a widespread dung fly, Sepsis punctum (Sepsidae)
at 12:30 in the EEB lounge (BioSciences 4338)

Nalini2-2Theory predicts that males have limited resources to invest in reproduction, which they must allocate to mate acquisition as well as insemination and competing for fertilizations. Because adaptations to both episodes of selection may be costly, trade-offs are predicted to arise between traits that influence pairing success and those that enhance fertilization success (Parker et al. 1997). Using fitness component assessments, I demonstrate that sexual selection for large male body size accounts for a geographic reversal in sexual size dimorphism (SSD) in a widespread dung fly Sepsis punctum (Diptera: Sepsidae), where males are larger than females in Europe (EU) and females are the larger sex in North America (NA). Additionally, I address continental variation in mating behavior and internal reproductive morphology in light of phylo-geographic information to assess differential allocation in reproductive traits.


Dr. Nalini Puniamoorthy is an evolutionary biologist, interested in sexual selection and the role it plays in driving speciation. She is currently a postdoc at Syracuse University where she is working on comparative studies of size, behavior and morphological traits in a family of flies known as Sepsidae (Diptera).

Her website can be found here.

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