Departmental Seminar: November 15th 2013

Ehab and ant

Dr. Aheb Abouheif will speak on

The Evo Devo of Cooperation and Conflict in Ant Societies

at 10:30 AM in BioSciences Room 3110

This week, Dr. Ehab Abouheif visits from McGill University where he is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Evo Devo). Dr. Abouheif’s research mission has been to understand how genes and environment interact to guide development, and in turn how these interactions have evolved to generate diversity both between and within species. Polyphenism – the capacity of the same genotype to generate discrete phenotypes – in the ants is dramatic, with comprehensive differences in behaviour, life history and morphology between castes. The Abouheif lab works on gene networks associated with development and caste-differentiation in ants, and on the evolution of eusocial behaviour in the ants more broadly. His research is part of the new wave in Biology, breaking down traditional boundaries between disciplines — development, molecular biology, evolution and ecology — with modern tools.

Note: This is the second talk in Dr. Abouheif’s visit.  See post below for more details.

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